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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

George Beremov's TOP 20 Favorite Movies of 2012 PART 2 [10 - 1]

CM's Best-Reviewed Movies of 2012

PART 1 [No. 10 - 1]

Overall summary: With its masterfully choreographed and executed action sequences, heart-pounding pacing, inventive direction and highly stylized visuals, Evans' "The Raid: Redemption" is sheer brilliance, and the ultimate cinematic ecstasy pill for every true action junkie.

2. The Avengers [3D] (9.75/10)

Overall summary: Clever, amusing, perfectly-balanced, skillfully-shot and jaw-droppingly action-packed, "The Avengers" is the ultimate dream come true for every single fan of the genre, and arguably the best and most spectacularly entertaining superhero movie ever made.

3. Django Unchained (9.50/10)

Overall summary: Although certainly not the best movie in Tarantino's impressive career, "Django Unchained" is nevertheless a stylish, wittily-written, blood-filled, and wildly enjoyable near masterpiece of a spaghetti western like no other, which is destined to become a classic.

4. Cloud Atlas (9.50/10)

Overall summary: Highly complex, yet never confusing, "Cloud Atlas" is a unique, thought-provoking, and often mind-bending masterpiece of modern philosophy, flawless storytelling, eye-popping visuals and wild imagination, and unlike anything you've experienced before.

5. Life of Pi [3D] (9.25/10)

Overall summary: Daring, captivating, beautifully-crafted, technically-brilliant, and completely extraordinary in every way, this nature-inspired gem of a film, "Life of Pi" is yet another winner from master of storytelling and visuals, Ang Lee, and one of this year's very, very best.

6. Prometheus [3D] (9.00/10)

Overall summary: Compelling, expertly-made and visually-stupendous, Ridley Scott's "Alien" prequel-esque "Prometheus" is an out-of-this-world cinematic experience, that lives up to the hype, thanks to the unlimited creativity and remarkable directing skills of its genius creator.

7. Skyfall (8.75/10)

Overall summary: Clever, thrilling, endlessly compelling, and brilliantly put together, Mendes’ "Skyfall" may be a notch below Martin Campbell’s astounding "Casino Royale", but it still ranks as one of the best, most accomplished, and ultimately entertaining Bond films to date.

8. The Amazing Spider-Man [3D] (8.50/10)

Overall summary: Although it comes only 10 years after the 'original', "The Amazing Spider-Man" not only does Marvel's original story justice, but surpasses Sam Raimi's version in terms of execution, visuals, acting, entertainment value, action and CGIs, as it's amazing indeed.

9. Argo (8.50/10)

Overall summary: Ben Affleck is really at the top of his game as a director with "Argo" - a smart and thoughtful based-on-a-true story thriller, that is constantly engrossing from start to finish, and so tense and thrilling, it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

10. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [3D] (8.50/10)

Overall summary: Sure, it lacks the grim feel, and refined complexity that turned "The Lord of the Rings" into such a classic, but "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is still a truly entertaining, visually-sumptuous and masterfully-crafted prequel, that will leave you satisfied.

Monday, December 30, 2013

George Beremov's TOP 20 Favorite Movies of 2012 PART 1 [20 - 11]

CM's Best-Reviewed Movies of 2012

PART 1 [No. 20 - 11]

11. The Dark Knight Rises (8.50/10)

Overall summary: Pretty much humorless and tad overlong, yet never boring, "TDKR" is a beyond satisfying conclusion to Chris Nolan's worldwide acclaimed "Batman" trilogy, that boasts a deeply thoughtful script, strong characters, and top-notch execution.

12. Dredd [3D] (8.50/10)

Overall summary: Grim, gritty, gory, spectacularly violent and visually-striking, "Dredd 3D" not only surpasses vastly the original in every single aspect, but also ranks as one of the best remakes ever made, thanks to its finely-written script and absolutely outstanding execution.

13. Frankenweenie (8.25/10)

Overall summary: Tim Burton's "Frankenstein"-inspired stop-motion horror spoof "Frankenweenie" is crafted with big love, care, and passion, and that shows through the lively, superbly-written and designed characters,  and darkly stunning black-and-white visuals.

14. Zero Dark Thirty (8.25/10)

Overall summary: It drags a bit in the first half, and the slaying of bin Laden could have been  way more dramatic, but nonetheless "Zero Dark Thirty" is a smartly-scripted, superbly-made, and truly engrossing piece of cinema, jam-packed with sheer, nearly obsessive intensity.

15. The Tall Man (8.25/10)

Overall summary:  It’s no "Martyrs", but Laugier’s latest shocker, "The Tall Man", is still a thought-provoking, deeply disturbing and strangely captivating horror thriller with a great message, filled with mind-boggling twists and turns, that will haunt you long after the credits roll.

16. The Impossible (8.25/10)

Overall summary: Devastatingly heart-wrenching, powerfully-acted, terrifyingly realistic and technically flawless, Bayona's "The Impossible" is a disaster film at its finest, one that manages to keep you one the edge of your seat from start to finish, as well as move you deeply.

17. Chronicle (8.25/10)

Overall summary: Seemingly fun on the outside, yet darkly grim within, "Chronicle" is an imaginatively-crafted and highly entertaining sci-fi flick, that not only impresses with its creative take on the superhero genre, but also manages to use the POV gimmick to its advantage.

18. Wreck-It Ralph [3D] (8.00/10)

Overall summary: Clever, thoroughly original, delightfully nostalgic, and emotionally heartfelt, "Wreck-it Ralph" is a smashing entertainment for children and adults alike, that not only dazzles with its vividly beautiful 3D imagery, but also has a surprising amount of heart and soul.

19. Sinister (8.00/10)

Overall summary: Atmospheric, superbly-conceived, and compellingly mysterious, "Sinister" is every bit as creepy as its title suggests, and also one of the best horror movies of 2012, as it manages to deliver genuine scares and tons of suspense, without having any major flaws.

20. Flight (8.00/10)

Overall summary: From the flawed, yet likable main character and Danzel Washington's superb, award-worthy performance to the taught direction, neat pacing, and absorbing storyline, everything about "Flight" is pretty much spot-on, and executed greatly.

Honorable mentions:

The Grey (7.75/10)
ParaNorman (7.75/10)
Rise of the Guardians [3D] (7.75/10)
American Mary (7.50/10)
Pitch Perfect (7.50/10)
The Pirates! Band of Misfits [3D] (7.50/10)
The Cabin in the Woods (7.50/10)
Evidence (7.50/10)
Butter (7.50/10)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

2012 Movies I've Seen But Still Haven't Reviewed

The Four (2012) - "It has its moments of entertainment, but overall "The Four" neither impresses with its storyline and characters, nor particularly with its visuals and fight choreography." (4.25/10)

Branded (2012) - "Conceptually creative, yet terribly executed, badly-scripted, and all over the place, "Branded" is a missed opportunity, and one of 2012's biggest cinematic flops." (4.50/10)

Chained (2012) - "It's thoroughly disturbing, and certainly not everyone's cup of tea, which makes it kind of different, but "Chained" is also difficult to watch, moody, and at times truly boring." (4.50/10)

Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) - "The original is a classic, the second one was quite good as well, and even 3 was okay. Well... the forth movie is simply pointless, uncreative and not at all scary." (4.50/10)

The Collection (2012) - "Slightly better than its predecessor, yet still unsatisfying, "The Collection" has that flashy music video feel about it, that ruins its supposed to be eerie atmosphere." (4.50/10)

The Dinosaur Project (2012) - "It wins pints for being the first-ever dinosaur found footage movie, but "The Dinosaur Project" also suffers from sub-par execution and lack of thrills." (4.50/10)

Barricade (2012) - "This well-crafted little horror movie is fairly watchable most of the time, but half-way through it suddenly turns into a big mess with a following climax that is just plain bad." (4.75/10)

Anna Karenina (2012) - "Despite its director's inventive approach and exquisite cinematography and costume design, "Anna Karenina" has an underdeveloped and mostly uninteresting story." (5.00/10)

Silent Night (2012) - "Although it has a couple of entertaining and rather gory death scenes, "Silent Night" is a so-so Christmas slasher, that sadly has absolutely nothing new or original to offer." (5.00/10)

When the Lights Went Out (2012) - "This British haunted house flick has an ominous tone and a few scares here and there, but the messy script can't really escape from its own mediocrity." (5.25/10)

247°F (2012) - "Finally something refreshing! Believe it or not, "247°F" comes from Georgia, and it delivers everything it promises - originality, tensity, entertainment, and loads of cool gore." (6.25/10)

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012) - "This artsy, yet down-to-earth indie flick has a big heart, no doubt about that, but it's also extremely hard to watch, and not particularly entertaining." (6.25/10)

Hotel Transylvania (2012) - "Sure, it doesn't have the most polished graphics ever, but it's the colorful characters and humorous story that make "Hotel Transylvania" worth-watching." (6.25/10)

In Their Skin (2012) - "In the same vain as "Funny Games", this home invasion flick is full of nastiness, and has a truly chilling atmosphere, thanks to its well-chosen, remote setting." (6.25/10)

Premium Rush (2012) - "This fast-paced thriller is pure adrenaline rush  from start to finish, offering enough originality, sympathetic characters, action, and edgy camera work to win you over." (7.50/10)

Flight (2012) - "From the flawed, yet likable main character and Danzel Washington's superb performance to the taught direction and absorbing storyline, everything about "Flight" is spot-on." (8.00/10)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Experience Life of Pi on Sky Movies!

Life of Pi [3D] (2012)

Brief review: Based on the 2001 novel of the same name by Yann Martel, "Life of Pi" is the latest cinematic diamond from, arguably, the most versatile director in film history - Ang Lee. This fauna-dedicated story is touching, genuine, adventurous, full of life and truly absorbing from start to finish, and features one of the most engaging human/animal relationships ever put on film. Even though it's basically a fable, Ang Lee's powerful storytelling makes you believe every second of it. Yes, the film gets a bit too dramatic midway through, and the last minute story 'grounds' the otherwise magical experience quite quickly, but other then that, "Life of Pi" is an extraordinary fight for survival like no other. Ang Lee's refined direction features lots of diverse camera angles and impressively skillful camera work, and the special effects are flawless. The design of the animals, especially the Bengal tiger, is so amazing, you wouldn't recognize if those are CGI or actually real. The 3D is often sensational, and fully achieves its purpose to add an extra dimension to the visuals and make them look even more astonishing. There are also particular scenes, shot in a very artsy way, that will make your eyes pop out, particularly the stunning whale sequence. Suraj Sharma manages to carry the entire movie on his shoulders, thanks to his captivating and lively debut performance, and thoroughly charismatic character. If you're lucky enough to live in Great Britain, you will be able to experience this thoroughly outstanding movie at home next month, thanks to Sky Movies. "Life of Pi"'s premiere date is Nov 15, so if you're eager to see this film, take advantage of the truly beneficial sky broadband deals, and choose the package that suits your requirements the best. Doing so, you will have the chance to see not only this one, but also many other great films in the upcoming months... and years.

Overall summary:  Daring, captivating, beautifully-crafted, technically-brilliant, and completely extraordinary in every way, this nature-inspired gem of a film, "Life of Pi" is yet another winner from master of storytelling and visuals, Ang Lee, and one of this year's very, very best.

Zero Dark Thirty premieres on Sky Movies next month!

Brief review: Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow succeeds yet again with another bold and daring project for the manhunt of enemy No. 1, Osama bin Laden, based on actual events. Bigelow lets us witness the near decade operation, revealing interesting details and hidden facts, making the experience not only gripping, but informative as well. The films also benefits from Kathryn Bigelow's incredible ability to keep things as realistic, and plausible as possible. There's nothing exaggerated, or Hollywood-ish about this movie, even when the action kicks in. The whole thing is stripped down to the bone, but that only helps to Bigelow for maintaining the intensity level, even when the film is slow and talky. The last 30 minutes are so thrilling, you may find yourself on the edge of your seat, but unfortunately the climax, namely the killing of Osama is nothing special really, hence, it may leave you slightly unsatisfied. Featuring lots of hand-held, camera work, intentionally simplistic cinematography, and washed-out colors, "Zero Dark Thirty" has a slightly documentary-ish feel about it that works to its advantage, plus, there's a certain grittiness to Kathryn Bigelow's shooting style, that adds further realism to the story. The film wouldn't be as great without Jessica Chastain's award-worthy performance as the workaholic CIA officer, Maya, whose angelesque femininity contrasts beautifully with her self-confidence and often intense personality, and the rest of the cast all do a brilliant job as well. If you haven't had the chance to watch this fantastic movie on the big screen, you can still catch up if you are a UK resident, as it premieres on Sky Movies on Nov 8, 2013. If you don't have this channel, go get one of the awesome BT TV packages, as from October 26, BT TV customers will have the option to add Sky Movies to their new packages, or existing ones. Choosing that, you will be able to enjoy not only Kathryn Bigelow's masterpiece, but also many other upcoming movie premieres.

Overall summary: It drags a bit in the first half, and the slaying of bin Laden could have been  way more dramatic, but nonetheless "Zero Dark Thirty" is a smartly-scripted, superbly-made, and truly engrossing piece of cinema, jam-packed with sheer, nearly obsessive intensity.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

TOP 10 Movies You Can Watch on British TV

 TOP 10 Movies You Can Watch on 
British TV in the Upcoming Weeks

Hey there! This post is dedicated to all of you, based in the UK, as further below, you could find my list of  TOP 10 Movies British TV has to offer in the upcoming weeks. Most of my picks are films, I've already reviewed, so if you want to read the full review, just click on the movie title. In addition, all of the below listed films will premiere on Sky Movies in September and October, so don't waste any more time, and save money by using Sky voucher codes for their TV packages. I can assure you that Sky offers the best discounts and vouchers out there. Best of all, you can watch every single one of those movies in stunning HD quality, so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

1. Django Unchained - Although certainly not the best movie in Tarantino's impressive career, "Django Unchained" is nevertheless a stylish, wittily-written, blood-filled, and wildly enjoyable near masterpiece of a spaghetti western, which is destined to become a classic.

2. Argo - Over the last five years, Ben Affleck proved himself an extremely capable director, but he's really at the top of his game with "Argo" - a smart and thoughtful based-on-a-true story thriller, that is constantly engrossing from start to finish, and also tense and thrilling.

3. Flight - Not only Danzel Washington's performance in this film is, hands down, one of the best in 2012, but so is the movie itself. From the flawed, yet likable main character to the taught direction and super-absorbing storyline, everything about "Flight" is spot-on.

4. Pitch Perfect - Clever, witty, original, pleasant to watch, delightfully quirky, downright hilarious, and featuring catchy musical numbers, tons of great laughs, and awesome performances from the entire cast, the-"Mean Girls"-of-musicals, "Pitch Perfect",  hits all the right notes.

5. Silver Linings Playbook - As honest and outspoken as its lead characters, if tad overlong, "Silver Linings Playbook" very cleverly balances comedic and dramatic elements, delivering laughter, sincere emotions, sharp dialogues and quirky romance to its viewers.

6. Premium Rush - This extremely fast-paced thriller is pure adrenaline rush pretty much from beginning to the end, offering enough originality, sympathetic characters, edgy camera work and stylish cinematography, to hold every viewer's attention, and make them begging for more.

7. The Master - It's definitely not an easy watch, hence, it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but those with an open mind, will appreciate the films bizarre uniqueness, as well as the masterful direction, authentic settings, and fantastic performances from the A-list cast involved.

8. Mental - With its peculiar story, colorful characters, sharp script, vivid cinematography and vibrant visuals, this unique Aussie dramedy, "Mental", lives up to its title, and proves to be mental, indeed, but in the best possible sense of the world.

9. The Man with the Iron Fists - It's wildly uneven, and the plot is just an excuse for some over-the-top action scenes, but "The Man with the Iron Fists" still can be fully enjoyed for what it is -  a visually stimulating martial arts extravaganza for grown-ups.

10. Taken 2 - While definitely far from being on-par with its memorable predecessor, "Taken 2" somewhat still manages to engage your interest, mainly thanks to Liam Neeson's charismatic performance, the exciting action bits, and some very interesting shooting locations

Saturday, August 17, 2013

TOP 3 Family-friendly Film-to-Musical Adaptations

TOP 3 Family-Friendly 
Film-to-Musical Adaptations

Hey, film geeks! One thing is for sure... We all love watching movies, don't we? That being said, have you ever thought of giving a chance to a musical theatre based on a movie? How about one you can see along with your kids? If not, then don't waste any more time, and go buy theatre tickets for the entire family! 

Much like movies, musical theatre is a special experience you'll never, that has its own unique charm. Therefore, you should let your kids to experience it too. If you struggle to choose the right musical theatre for you and your children to see, this post may come as a help, as below you can find listed three of the best family-friendly film-to-musical adaptations currently showing in London, UK, and around the world.

Not only this spectacular musical has been seen by 70 million viewers around the world, but it had won numerous awards, and rightfully so. If you and your kids liked the beloved 1994 animated feature from Disney, you'll love the musical as well. It's simple as that. It's enjoyable, highly-entertaining, and visually sumptuous, thanks to the gorgeous costuming and stunning scenery. The music and the routines are absolutely outstanding as well. "The Lion King" has all the ingredients for a top-notch musical theatre, and it's definitely that!



We all love Charlie and Willy Wonka, right? "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The Musical" is yet another reason to see these characters, but this time in person! But it's not just that. This eye-candy production, re-envisioned by "Skyfall" director Sam Mendes, has one of the most colorful and imaginative settings you'll ever see, as well as one of the most adorable kids characters ever put on stage. Not to mention the engaging performances from everyone involved, the wicked script, and, of course, the great music. 


I bet you all remember the inspirational and heart-warming British drama of the same name about a boy from a small mining town in England who, after stumbling across a ballet class while on his way to a boxing lesson, realizes that his future lay not in the boxing ring but on stage as a dancer. Well, "Billy Elliot The Musical" is every bit as inspiring, feel-good, joyous, and unforgettable as the movie itself. The routines are extraordinary and nicely-choreographed, the acting is spot-on, and the singing will definitely cheer you up.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rise of the Guardians on TV

Brief review: Based on William Joyce's book series "The Guardians of Childhood, "Rise of the Guardians" is DreamWorks' latest feature, which turns out to be of those animated flicks, that can be equally enjoyed by the kids and their parents, thanks to its solid story, high entertainment value, and eye-popping visuals. David Lindsay-Abaire's cleverly-adapted script mixes up mythological and fantasy elements with huge amount of wit and juvenile innocence, in order to provides us with an engaging storyline with never a dull moment, that is as kind-hearted and affecting, as its briskly-paced and action-packed. Moreover, the film's moral beliefs are so pure and sincere, it will make you feel like a happy kid, who still believes in Santa Claus, Easter Rabbit, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and even Jack Frost. "Rise of the Guardians" is crafted with vivid imagination, and that shows through the vibrant animation, impressive use of color and remarkable attention to detail. That being said, some of the characters' design, particularly the human and the human-looking ones, isn't the slickest you'll ever see, simply because their faces look a bit waxy. The other characters, however, are beautifully-crafted, especially the Tooth Fairy and the baby fairies, which are the cutest little things you'll ever see. The voice acting is spot-on for the most part, breathing life into the lovable CGI characters. If you're lucky enough to live in the UK and have your sky tv broadband package, you could watch this dazzling animated flick in HD on your own Plasma/LCD TV, as it premiers on Sky Premiere HD this afternoon at 4.30 PM. 

Overall summary: Energetic, lively, imaginative, full of fresh ideas, and all around entertaining, "Rise of the Guardians" not only astounds with its vivid, colorful, and richly-crafted and polished animation, but also has heart-warming morality and magicality, that will win you over.

The Dark Knight Rises... yet again

Brief review: Even if it doesn't quite meet the high expectation set by its predecessors, Nolan's long-anticipated conclusion to his "Batman" trilogy is still a great way to end the franchise. In spite of its 164-minute running time, "TDKR" never fails to entertain, thanks to the clever writing and gripping narrative, enhanced by the film's visual depth. In the same fashion as "The Dark Knight", "TDKR" has little to no 'comic book feel' about it, simply because its director tries to keep everything as realistic as possible. Unfortunately, that combined with the lack of humor makes it seem a bit too serious at times. Execution-wise, "TDKR" is nothing short of masterful, but considering Nolan's amazing skills that's not a surprise. Pfister's muted, almost noir-ish cinematography and gritty camera work match perfectly with both the movie's dark tone and Gotham City's grim atmosphere, and Nolan's refined, yet vigorous direction maintains the intensity of the story. While far from epic, the action scenes are well-shot and thrilling to watch, and the CGI work is first-rate and intentionally kept to a minimum. The acting is superb. Although a bit underused, Christian Bale turns in his best Batman performance yet. Anne Hathaway steals every scene as the seductive, yet shifty and manipulative Catwoman, Tom Hardy does an outstanding job as the astounding villain, Bane, and Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are at their very best. If you are a UK resident, and you haven't seen "The Dark Knight Rises yet, you can still catch up and watch it on Sky Movies on 16th of August, thanks to the wonderful sky bundles, this well-rounded TV programme offers to its viewers. Give it a shot, and see if you agree with me!

Overall summary: Pretty much humorless and tad overlong, yet never boring, "The Dark Knight Rises" is a beyond satisfying conclusion to Chris Nolan's worldwide acclaimed "Batman" trilogy, that boasts a deeply thoughtful script, strong characters, and top-notch execution.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Competition: Win a 19 inch Alba HD TV!!! (Open to UK residents only)

Competition: Win a 19 inch Alba HD TV!!!
Does your bedtime ritual involve catching the latest episode of your favourite TV show? If you need your TV fix outside the living room as well, then here’s a chance to win the perfect size telly.

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Terms and Conditions:

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-       -   This competition is open to UK residents only.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blogfest: Top 10 (Horror) Movie Countdown

Ninja Captain Alex overt at Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting yet another awesome blogfest today, and I'm more than happy to participate in it. Back in June 2012, his first blogfest "The Movie Dirty Dozen" had a similar theme, but Alex has decided to revisit it with "Top Ten Movie Countdown", because back at that time, he have had less than 200 followers (he's at 1,800 now), and most most of his new blog buddies missed it. I, personally, think the idea is great, but since I participated in his first blogfest, I decided to mix things up a little bit, instead of re-posting my top 10 favorite films of all time. Therefore, I'm putting a 'horror' spin on the subject, in order to be able to present to you my "Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies of All Time" + a bonus list of my "Top 3 Favorite Horror Comedies of All Time". Alex, I hope you don't mind I broke the rules. :) Check out both lists below, and let me know what you guys think. Oh, and just for the record, do not expect to see some overly familiar horror classic cliches such as "Halloween", "The Shining", and "Psycho" at the top of my list. It's not gonna happen. :)

George Beremov's
TOP 10 Horror Movies of All Time

1. [REC] (2007)
Spanish directing duo Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza will make you experience fear to the fullest with "[REC]" - a POV horror masterpiece, that is uber-inventive, highly original, brilliantly-crafted, claustrophobic, and unpredictable, but above all SCARY as hell. The final act is so utterly intense and mind-blowingly terrifying, it will stay with you for the rest of your life, so consider yourself warned.

2. The Descent (2006)

Horror flicks don't get any more claustrophobic than Neil Marshall's sensational underground fright-fest "The Descent". He has managed to create a modern horror classic that combines all the right elements - an appealing group of likable female characters, chilling setting, freaky-looking creatures, effective gore, sky high level of intensity, tons of genuine scares, and truly priceless entertainment value.
3. The Exorcist (1973)
[The Version You've Never Seen]

Although made back in '73, William Friedkin's timeless horror classic "The Exorcist" never gets old, and rightfully so. No matter how many times you have seen it, it's still shocking, utterly frightening and as effective as it was four decades ago. The 2000 version reveals a few never-before-seen scenes of terror, that you'll never forget, just like Linda Blair's truly outstanding performance as Regan.
4. Alien (1979)
[Director's Cut]

Ridley Scott's late 70's sci-fi horror phenomenon "Alien" needs no introduction. It's sheer brilliance in terms of concept and execution, featuring the most unique, creative, impressively-designed and utterly horrifying creature in cinematic history. The movie as a whole is an unforgettable thrill ride, filled with edge-of-your-seat moments of  fear, tensity and eeriness, plus, it's a technical achievement.
5. The Ring (2002) &
Ringu (1998) [Tie]

Both Hideo Nakata's "Ringu" and Gore Verbinski's US remake "The Ring" are equally as creepy and effective, and easily rank as one of the best supernatural horror films ever made. While the Japanese version wins in terms of originality and scares, the American version has bigger visual impact, and it's far more technically polished and visually creepy, not to mention the new elements added to the story.

6. Planet Terror (2007)

Mostly know as the first part of the double feature "Grindhouse" from 2007, "Planet Terror" is  Robert Rodriguez's best (if not financially successful) effort, one of the coolest-looking zombie films of all time, and hands down, exploitation cinema at its finest. Everything from the stylishly trashy visuals, quirky characters, and over-the-top action scenes to the top-notch practical effects, and buckets of guts and gore works amazingly well.
7. Martyrs (2008)

Pascal Lauguier's sadistically sick flick "Martyrs" goes far deeper than most horror movies, and not just in terms of its violence and gore. It gives far greater consideration to the traumatic psychological impact of violence and suffering. The absolutely shocking twist at the end will prove everyone who thinks this is just one nasty, gruesome, and brutal torture-porn film wrong.
8. The Others (2001)

More creepy rather than scary, but constantly spooky and insaely atmospheric, Alejandro Amenábar's fantastically-crafted ghost story "The Others" is a proof that a horror film does not need a multi million dollar budget or first class special effects to be effective. All you need is a charismatic lead, sinister setting, engaging script, and a clever twist ending that you'll never ever see coming.
9. Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Forget about "Psycho"! Polanski's "Rosmary's Baby" is the real deal, and arguably the best horror movie of the 60's and history of cinema in general. Its satanic subject matter is as disturbing as it can get, and every  young mother's nightmare. The ominous atmosphere adds further creepiness to the already dark story, and the smart script keeps you wonder whether all this is simply a paranoia, or the Devil himself is really involved.

10. Jaws (1975)

A true horror classic in its own right, "Jaws" was, is, and will always remain the best shark movie in film history, thanks to Spielberg's ability to create a creature feature that it as realistic as it's terrifying - one that no one who saw it will ever forget. It's near-perfect in every aspect, with the gruesome final act being a hair-rising culmination of a thrilling build-up. A definite must-see for every genre fan!

Honorable mentions:


George Beremov's
TOP 3 Horror Comedies of All Time

1. Gremlins (1984)

A seamless blend of comedy and horror, Joe Dante's true Christmas classic "Gremlins" is undoubtedly one of the most original horror films ever created, destined to become a classic. And it did. It's cute, but creepy at the same time, definitely witty, and all around entertaining. Gizmo is truly the most adorable creature ever, and the gremlins themselves are nasty little freaks, that will give you the creeps. Plus, it has the rewatchability factor.

2. Dead Alive (1992)

Everybody knows Peter Jackson for his amazing "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, but do you remember his super-cool, ultra-gory and utterly hilarious horror comedy "Dead Alive" from the early 90's? I bet horror buffs do. It's a zombie flick like no other, with great sense of humor and super spot-on practical effects, that proudly boasts its over-the-top goriness, and rightly so. The final act is so bloody, you won't believe your eyes.
3. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987)

OK, Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" was scary, without a doubt, but his sequel (or more like remake), "Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn" manages to be equally funny and frightening, which is a difficult thing to achieve. Needless to say, this sequel is far more technically polished than its predecessor, especially in the special effects department, and that definitely works in its favor. And Bruce Campbell is a star!