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Sunday, April 27, 2014

[6.25/10] Blue Ruin (2014)

Blue Ruin (2014)

Quick Review: Okay, let's face it, "Blue Ruin" is overpraised. Sure, it's an ordinary-looking little film, that is extraordinarily effective at the same time, and Macon Blair's unsettling performance is beyond impressive, as is the simple yet refined direction by Jeremy Saulnier, but at the end of the day, "Blue Ruin" is nothing more than a well-crafted and quietly nerve-wracking revenge thriller with some moments of shocking violence that you will instantly like, but forget soon after you watch it.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

[5.00/10] That Awkward Moment (2014)

Quick Review: Its plot formula has a couple of familiar ingredients, but it's far from hackneyed, and the film itself features quite a few awkward moments, indeed, but all in all "That Awkward Moment" is an occasionally funny, watchable, and enjoyable 'hit and miss' sex comedy, driven by the obvious chemistry between its three young leads, who complement each other very naturally. If it wasn't really for them, this film would have turned into a complete disaster.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[7.00/10] The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [3D] (2014)

Quick Review: It doesn't have the same dose of wit and energy as the first film, but this sequel benefits yet again from Webb's perky direction, the star power of its excellent cast, as well as the delightfully elaborate action sequences, which look even cooler in awesome 3D. Dealing with few villains is risky, but the "TASM 2" skillfully avoids tangling itself in its own web, giving enough screen time to all of its characters, without being messy, or over-crowded.

Monday, April 21, 2014

[6.25/10] Wolf Creek 2 (2014)

Wolf Creek 2 (2014)

Quick Review: Hardly better than the original, but surely nastier, more gruesome, and graphic, "Wolf Creek 2" is a worthy, if rather cruel sequel that cares a lot more about its nutty, merciless killer, played amazingly by John Jarratt, rather than its victims, but that is exactly what makes it as brutally entertaining as it is. Prepare yourself for one of the goriest, most repulsive death scenes you'll ever see, as well as for a slasher villain so darkly disturbing in his actions, it will make your skin crawl.

[7.00/10] Labor Day (2014)

Labor Day (2014)

Quick Review: Some may find it a bit sugary, because of the flawless male protagonist played superbly by Josh Brolin, but those willing to see a heart-melting movie with genuine emotions and real chemistry will be so captivated by "Labor Day". Jason Reitman shows us yet another side of him with his gentle, silky-smooth direction, Kate Winslet portrays her sensual character rather brilliantly, and the whole feel of the movie is so pure and sincere, it might bring a tear or two to your eyes.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

[4.50/10] Alien Abduction (2014)

Quick Review: Pretty much every bit as generic, and unoriginal as its stupid title, "Alien Abduction"'s only strength is the natural acting by the mostly unknown cast members, who make a believable on-screen family. Sadly, the found footage hand held camera style barely adds realism to the story, the aliens themselves are very uninspired, as cliched-looking as they could be, and not at all that menacing, most scares feel forced, and the whole movie falls flat on its face big time in the end.

Friday, April 18, 2014

[4.25/10] Dark House (2014)

Dark House (2014)

Quick Review: Has Victor Salva, the director of “Jeepers Creepers” lost his touch? Yeah, maybe a bit, as his latest effort “Dark House” is mediocre at best, and all over the place. The film feels like a mash-up of various horror sub-genres with no clear direction, and although there are a couple of original ideas here and there, the familiar elements in it take over. The scares are weak, the gore is meh, the acting ranges from decent to awful, and the entire look of the movie is tasteless.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

[8.75/10] Captain America: The Winter Soldier [3D] (2014)

Quick Review: Boasting a superb cast that delivers, thoughtful yet taut plot to constantly keep you on your toes, truly memorable villain, skillful direction, out-of-this-world CGI work, impressive use of 3D, spectacularly-executed action sequences, that will leave you in awe, and car chases to really die for, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is not only far better than the original film, but also one of the very brightest jewels in Marvel’s crown so far. It kicks ass!

[4.25/10] Devil's Due (2014)

Devil's Due (2014)

Quick Review: Although nothin' so interesting happens during the first hour, "Devil's Due" is occasionally entertaining in a voyeuristic sort of way. That said, as soon as the so- called 'terror' starts to emerge, this failure of a POV horror film ventures into familiar territory with no caution, and as a result, it feels like a 'deja vu' of other genre flicks. Sadly, it's also lacking dread and atmosphere, and the main characters are difficult to connect with, hence, you couldn't care any less about them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

[6.75/10] Enemy (2014)

Enemy (2014)

Quick Review: Sort of done in a David Lynch fashion, "Enemy" is a smartly-directed and quietly intense thriller, that will cause controversy amongst most viewers, because of its twisty, sometimes confusing, and yet completely satisfying plot, that's definitely thought-provoking. Also, the movie's neo-noir tone suits the mysterious moodiness of the story beautifully, and Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal proves himself a true chameleon in a subtly brilliant double role, that further elevates the film.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

[4.00/10] The Legend of Hercules (2014)

Quick Review: It turns out, the first ‘big movie’ of 2014 is also the first big bomb of the year. Sure, Kellan Lutz is aptly-chosen for the role of Hercules, looks-wise at least, and there are a few pretty scenes, but overall, with its absolutely pathetic script, below-par production values, amateurish acting, second-rate CGIs, and “300”-ish fight scenes, ripped-off both in style and execution, “The Legend of Hercules” is legendary lame, and everything but engaging and exhilarating.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

[4.50/10] Perfect Sisters (2014)

Quick Review: Abigail Breslin and Georgie Henley both do their best with the unfocused script they have to work with, and make a plausible on-screen sisters, largely thanks to the chemistry between them, but this 'true crime' thriller more often than not feels forced, and far from probable, because of the sub-par writing, and Mr. Stanley M. Brooks' poorly-handled direction, that turns "Perfect Sisters" into an amateurish effort with zero qualities.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

[5.75/10] Noah [3D] (2014)

Noah [3D] (2014)

Quick Review: With its moments of sheer epicness, and others of pure dullness, Aronofsky's anti-religious CGI-laden biblical fantasy fable is a disappointing mixed-bag. The most surprising fact about "Noah" is that the fantasy parts in it are the best ones, with the ark assault being the only highlight, while everything else is an over-dramatic nonsense, that's emotionally contrived. Moreover, it's apparent that the otherwise capable cast struggle a bit with the mediocre script, that ruins the film.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[9.75/10] Snowpiercer (2013)

Snowpiercer (2013)

Quick Review: Taking place in a seemingly simple, yet truly effective setting, led by a stellar international cast, and further elevated by Korean visionary Joon-ho Bong's masterful direction, "Snowpiercer" is thrillingly uncompromising, at times shockingly violent, but always engrossing, and jaw-droppingly imaginative gem of a post-apocalyptic movie, that not only provokes your thoughts consistently, but also grabs all your senses with its originality, and highly contrasting bleak-to-vibrant imagery.