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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quick Reviews: 2013 Movies [PART 05]

Europa Report (2013) - It's not an easy watch, nor is that frightening, but at least "Europa Report" seems scientifically accurate, not overdone, and its creative if messy 'static multi-cam' filming style makes it stand out from the mass of 'found footage' flicks. (5.75/10)

Carrie (2013) [Extended] - Not pretending it's any better than the cult original, this gore-filled remake is crafted with both care and flair, and manages to stand on its own, thanks to the solid direction, atmospheric visuals, and the excellent performances. (6.50/10)

Captain Phillips (2013) - Involving, well-made, terrifyingly disturbing, and further elevated by Tom Hanks' stellar performance, "Captain Phillips" recreates the major global issue of sea piracy accurately, unafraid of showing terror, that is very hard to handle. (7.25/10)

The Way Way Back (2013) - The cast is every moviegoer's dream, the story is honest, sincere, and heartfelt, the protagonist is as likeable as he's awkward, the setting is exhilarating, and the direction is smooth as silk, hence, "The Way Way" Back rules! (7.50/10)

Trance (2013) - Danny Boyle's latest effort definitely lives up to its title -- from the haunting music score and intricate, yet absorbing storyline to the hypnotic direction and competent performances, everything about "Trance" is truly and utterly mesmerizing. (7.50/10)

Now You See Me (2013) - The best thing about this film is nothing is what it seems, and that's exactly what keeps drawn in. Moreover, "Now You See Me" is smart, energetic, original, and as entertaining as a first-class illusionist show. The camera work is magic! (7.75/10)

Blue Jasmine (2013) - Led by its clever plot structure, "Blue Jasmine" is a bright, elegant, darkly-comic, and vividly-shot riches-to-rags dramedy, that features arguably the best and most riveting female performance of 2013, by the magnificent Cate Blanchett. (8.00/10)

Rush (2013) - Not only "Rush" gives us an intimate look at one of the biggest rivalries in professional car racing ever, but it's also a splendidly crafted film about passion, raw enthusiasm and inner drive, that delivers as much adrenaline rush as it does drama. (8.00/10)

American Hustle (2013) - Boasting a clever storyline, authentic vintage vibe, engaging characters, and probably the best ensemble cast of 2013, "American Hustle" is definitely Oscar material, and also director's second best movie after 10's "The Fighter". (8.00/10)

12 Years a Slave (2013) - It's a beautifully-shot, and marvelously acted film about American slavery, in which the lush cinematography contrasts dramatically with the tough subject matter of the story, as does the raw emotion against the devastating violence. (9.50/10)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Haven't seen Rush yet. American Hustle was definitely one of the best of the year. And Now You See Me really surprised me - clever and excellent.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Alex, you should give Rush a go. It's a brilliant movie. American Hustle was excellent in many ways, but far from perfect. 12 Years a Slave is the best film of 2013 so far, but I have to see many more films, before I can confidently say it's THE best.