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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CM: Nebular's TOP 15 Horror Movies of 2010


1. Trolljegeren a.k.a.
The Troll Hunter (9.25/10)

Overall summary: Due to its chillingly-original concept, pitch-perfect execution and mind-blowing visuals, "The Troll Hunter" ranks right up there with such mocku-masterpieces as "[REC]" and "The Blair Witch Project".


2. The Loved Ones (9.00/10)

Overall summary: Dementedly-sick, extremely gory, brilliantly-creative and nightmarishly-funny, "The Loved Ones" is a true modern horror masterpiece!


3. Los ojos de Julia a.k.a.
Julia's Eyes (8.50/10)

Overall summary: Consistently tense, refreshingly unpredictable and utterly engrossing, "Julia's Eyes" certainly ranks as one of the most polished and skillfully-executed horror thrillers in recent history. One of 2010's most pleasant cinematic surprises!


4. The Reef (8.50/10)

Overall summary: It's no "Jaws", but Andrew Traucki's "The Reef" is a brilliantly-shot, incredibly realistic, and super-intense edge-of-your-seat horror flick, that easily ranks among the best shark-themed films of all time, and is every bit as compelling as it's terrifying!


5. Splice (8.50/10)
Overall summary: With its excellent pacing, fascinating visuals and unique story, "Splice" is a bizarre, yet hauntingly beautiful and quite memorable film experience.


6. Let Me In (8.25/10)

Overall summary: Beautifully-filmed, subtly creepy and thoroughly compelling, "Let Me In" is one of those extremely rare cases, when the remake is even better than the original.


7. Daybreakers (7.75/10)

Overall summary: The weird depiction of this vampire world makes "Daybreakers" unique to every other vampire movie, and the vibrant detailed display from the Spierig brothers, gives a breath of fresh air to the vampire genre.


8. Piranha 3D (7.50/10)

Overall summary: Offering buckets of blood, campy humor and huge amount of nudity, Alexandre Aja's "Piranha 3D" is one of the funniest and most entertaining films of the year so far. A great example of how a horror remake should be done!


9. Shelter (7.50/10)

Overall summary: "Shelter" is slightly predictable and at times quite silly, and there is too much going on... but yet, it's one well-shot, thrilling and hugely-entertaining mess of a film!


10. La herencia Valdemar (7.25/10)

Overall summary: "La Herencia Valdemar" isn't exactly a horror film, but more a mystery movie, with supernatural twist, that is creepy, spooky and consistently entertaining.


11. Heartless (7.25/10)

Overall summary: Philip Ridley's latest effort is a unique, different, thrilling and thoroughly gripping character-driven horror drama, that is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air in the genre, and stands out amongst all the crappy horror flicks released recently.


12. Paranormal Activity 2 (7.00/10)

Overall summary: Effective, believable and at times brilliantly terrifying, "Paranormal Activity 2" is a rare sequel that not only complements the original, but also works on its own. It successfully feeds your fear, leaving almost everything to the imagination.


13. Frozen (7.00/10)

Overall summary: With acting that improves as the story unfolds, a unique and rather cool premise, and a solid directing style, Adam Green's latest will keep you frozen to your seats.


14. The Last Exorcism (7.00/10)

Overall summary: "The Last Exorcism" ended up as a great character-driven horror/drama, that also succeeded as a mockumentary, because of its strong characters and storytelling, and its intense atmosphere.


15. Devil (6.75/10)

Overall summary: Does "Devil" have the 'scare factor'? No, not really. But it's suspenseful, well-shot and creepy as hell.



Ella said...

Great list; I love the cinematic vibe,so colorful!
I'm off to fill up my Netflix cart, I did see Devil you are so right; I wanted more. Splice was intriguing and I enjoyed Daybreakers. Thanks I enjoy a good horror fest once in awhile. I have a teenager...so this will be fun~

M. Hufstader said...

I always love your "Top Lists" and this is no exception. Plus, you always give me a slew of movies to see. I'm still dying to see Trolljegeren every since your last review of it, and now I've got to add Los ojos de Julia to my list. Great line up of horror movies!

HorrO said...

Great list! Let Me In was also my favorite of 2010. Such a great story. There are a lot of good movies in this list. I haven't seen them all, so I got some work to do.

FilmMattic said...

Awesome list, as I've come to expect from you!

Glad you put Splice in your top 5. It was utterly fantastic! Vincenzo Natali is a formidable and talented, though largely unknown (non-mainstream) director. Kudos.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I still have to track down The Troll Hunter!

Unknown said...

Very interesting list! Daybreakers rocked and Let Me In was cool. Piranha 3D totally ruled, I loved the buckets of blood and gore mixed with high doses of camp. I also loved the Last Exorcism.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Thank you so much, Ella! :) Yep, "Devil" wasn't bad at all... it was quite unpredictable actually, and also very tense. "Splice" blew me away with its uniqueness, and "Daybreakers" was definitely a breath of fresh air into the vampire sub-genre. I hope your teenager will love the flicks from my list.
P.S. Ella, I'd love to have you as a follower :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

M. Hufstader, thank you soo much. If I have to be honest, I had no idea you love my top lists, but now when I know, I'm so so glad you do :) I missed your comments, actually.
Ah, "Troll Hunter" was so good, I went to see it for a second time :D Loved almost everything about it. See it as soon as you can. "Julia's Eyes" was one of the most compelling films I've seen in my life. It's not just another horror flick, but very polished and well executed. Spanish cinema rocks! Thanks again.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

HorrO, really? Yey! I'm so glad to hear that. I thought it was superior to the original in temrs of.. well... everything :) Just check out those you haven't seen yet, and let me know what you think ;)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Matty, thanks buddy.. I really appreciate that! :)
So glad you mentioned "Splice".. it was a unique experience I won't soon forget. Vincenzo Natali is one of my favorite Canadian directors, though, as you said, he's largely unknown to the mass audience. I'm looking forward to his next project. Don't you think "Splice" was overlooked? It deserved much more credit, IMO.

✗✗ said...

This is a pretty fabulous list my dear!! LOVED "Let me in" it was sooo good. "Devil" and "Frozen" were surprisingly interesting. I expected those to suck and they definitely proved me wrong. I unfortunately disliked "Piranha 3D." It was definitely made for men. I don't mind nudity at all but this particular film was just exploited to the extreme. However, I did like the slight classic horror feel it had. Also I have to kind of love it a little bit because Jessica Szohr is so beautiful and my future husband Eli Roth made a very small appearance. Great post!! : )

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Alex, I thought "Troll Hunter" has been released on DVD already. Obviously, that's not the case.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Mel, sweetheart, I couldn't agree more. "Daybreakers" was probably the best January release I've seen in my life. "Let Me In" was.. WOW.. the PERFECT remake! "Piranha 3D" was great campy fun, and "The Last Exorcism" was good, though I expected a lot more from it.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Nicole, thank you so much, dear. I'm so glad you like it.. well, most of it. LOL. :) "Frozen" was one of 2010's biggest surprises, and so was "Devil". "Piranha 3D" was too boyish, yes, and the gore and the nudity were to the extreme... but hey, that's what we all loved about it :)
Jessica Szohr is super-hot, and your future husband, Eli, is one crazy mother f**ker :) /in the best possible sense of the word/ I love him!

cokesyrup said...

Haven't actually seen any of these.
I've seen Paranormal Activity, but I heard the 2nd was terrible.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

cokesyrup, you should see them all then :) Nope, it wasn't... it was almost on-par with the original. The final part was super-scary!

FilmMattic said...

Splice was definitely overlooked by the mass of critics and awards circuit.

Human-animal cloning, high entertainment, tremendous acting, and superb direction. It deserved more praise.

Maynard Morrissey said...

Great list! Sadly there are many films I haven't seen yet.

Totally agree on The Loved Ones, Devil, PA2 & Daybreakers.
Don't agree on Let Me In (I prefer the original), Splice (mediocre) and Frozen (huge disappointment)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

"Human-animal cloning, high entertainment, tremendous acting, and superb direction." - Ah, you just couldn't say it any better :) I'm still pissed off at those silly pretentious critics that found it to be mediocre. No, guys, you're the one who's mediocre. LOL. :)

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Maynard, the Swedish original was so lacking in execution, it left a bad taste in my mouth. The remake was slicker, more intense and way more gripping than the original. Period. :)
Splice - mediocre??? You're joking, right? :)
Frozen was everything, but a disappointment! I loved it!

Dempsey Sanders said...

really glad to see frozen and pirahna 3d mentioned in your list George, I think they were both great though many disagreed with me. Cool list!

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Demps, yey for loving "Piranha" and "Frozen"! I thought both flicks were great! I don't disagree with you at all.

Thanks, mate ;)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any of these movies. Iknow I know, I need to get out more. Devil looked good. Maybe I'll rent that one this weekend. Thanks for the reviews.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Hey Stephen and welcome to my blog :) You haven't seen any of these? Well, in this case, I suggest you to check them all out :) Those are only quotes from my review. If you'd want to read the full reviews, you should click on the title. Thanks.

Torrente said...

You need to watch Kokuhaku ASAP. Yeah, it's overlong and half of the movie is in slow motion, but I think it's going to be in your top 5.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

At first I was like, what kind of title is that?!? An then it occurred: It's "Confessions"! Thanks for the recommendation, buddy. I'll check it out as soon as I can.

Tom said...

Let me in is the only one I've seen, both verions, enjoyed both but I think I liked the Swedish more, mainly as it was the original.

Thanks for the other titles, they are now on my to watch list.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

WiFilibrarian, I've said this thousand times already, but.. The only thing "Let Me In" lacked was originality. Other than that, it was slicker, more gripping and intense than the original. Don't get me wrong, I liked the Swedish version a lot, but was a bit soulless, and its atmosphere was a bit too 'cold'.

Ty said...

You have an awesome site! Happy i found it.

Thought Let Me In was really good. Sucker Punch was fun and Piranha 3-D was a blast.

George Beremov [Nebular] said...

Ty, thanks, so do you! I'm happy you found it, as well. And I'm so glad you're into martial arts like me.

"Let Me In" was pretty much the perfect remake, I loved everything about it. "SP" didn't meet my expectations, but it was spectacular and fun nonetheless. "Piranha 3D" was one of the most entertaining and bloody funny flicks of 2010.